• “A great movie for your whole church!”

    Rev. Tony Suarez Executive Vice President, NHCLC
  • “All you could hope for in a movie. Don’t miss this incredible worship experience!”

    Rev. Samuel Rodriguez President, NHCLC
  • A powerful film with an uplifting message!

    Dave Morales FOX TV Houston
  • Inspiring! Amazing! Unique!!!

    Maria Salas Terra.tv
  • Fantastic! This is the Christian movie I've been waiting for. You will LOVE this movie!

    Stephen McGarvey Crosswalk
  • Hillsong - Let Hope Rise is a wonderful film—moving, entertaining, and uplifting!

    - Gospel Herald
  • Masterful storytelling. Prepare to have your heart lifted from the opening scenes of this powerful film!

    Stacie Marshall Godtube3
  • An extraordinary movie … hopeful and inspiring! This is the film the world so desperately needs right now.

    Efrem Graham 700 Club
  • Emotional and joyous! This movie will change your life!

    Cortney O’Brien Townhall.com
  • Fantastic! You could truly feel what this movie was meant to display: hope and God's awesome love!

    Tanika Bailey Tabernacle of God